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How to Embed a TikTok Video on Your Dirigible Website

So as you can see, I’m logged into the back end of the website and the page where we need to add the TikTok video. I’m going to first open up my list view then I will pull up my settings.

And this will work for other embeds to Instagram you would do the exact same process as I’m going to use on this TikTok video.

So here’s the video they want to add to the website.

For Food Sciences I’m actually going to make a slight edits the headline and the button are too low, I think. So I’m going to go back into my ListView and I’m going to actually set this to be split scroll because I like it and that will shoot the headline right up to the top you can also change the behavior of the all of the content in your column by selecting the column and changing the content position like so. And if I put it in the top left, that means that the top left will stay here. I’m going to go and look at that again. And there we go. Follow us on tick tock. And then the other thing I noticed is there’s a lot of whitespace around the embed and that’s something that’s a little bit more difficult to change. So I’m going to change the background color to white so we don’t have that excess white space on the iframe for the TIC tock video. So let’s take a look.

All right.

And now that kind of leads behind down into the gallery And you can turn on the volume and it behaves how Tik Tok normally behaves.