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March 1st, 2023 Feature Roundup

Current Theme Version: 5.20.36
Current Blocks Version: 4.7.11

Import/Export Theme Updates

A little known feature of Dirigible sites is the site-wide import and export functionality. Basically, anything you can set in the customizer, you and easily export from one site and import it into another. You can do this from DirigibleImport/Export.

We’ve split this up into Styles and Settings for your convenience.

Whats the difference? Styles are anything found in CustomizerStyles. This is stuff like your typography and brand colors. Settings includes everything else. We separated these because, often, you’ll want the same branding on different sister-sites, but you may not want the to preserve some unique header/footer/whatever options. This lets you do that. If you want to clone the whole thing, just export and import both!


You’ll want to export from the donor site. Navigate to the Import/Export page. Hitting the Export button will download a json file. This file will be names yoursite-styles.json or yoursite-settings.json, respectively (yoursite will obviously be replaced with your site name).


Navigate to the Import/Export page on the site you want to apply these styles to. Clicking the Import button will prompt you to upload a file. Choose the correct json file you just exporting (styles for styles, settings for settings) and voilà.

A Wee Note
The settings export will skip items that do not translate to new sites. These are mostly things dependent on IDs, like images and page links which will not be the same or exist on the new site.

New Typography Styles

We’ve added some new starter typography themes to the Onboarder. You can now choose Modern Sans, Modern Serif, or Poppins when settings up your site to quickly set some great looking styles.

The top three options are all brand new with this update. We hope these will give you a good starting point to customizing the styles on your site. You may not have to change a thing!

We’ve illustrated brief examples of the new styles below. Click on any of the images to view it larger.

Modern Sans

Modern Serif


Logo Grid Portfolio Block

When there are a lot of very differently sized logos in a Logo Collection block in our Portfolio plugin, the layout got a bit messy. So we made a gridded version of the Logo Collection block called the Logo Grid Collection.

The Nitty Gritty

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