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Business-to-Business (B2B)

Business-to-business, often abbreviated as B2B, is a marketing term that describes commercial transactions and relationships between businesses or organizations rather than between businesses and individual consumers (which is known as B2C or “Business-to-Consumer”).

In a B2B marketing context, companies focus on selling their products or services to other businesses, which may use them for their operations, to create their own products, or to resell to other companies or consumers. 

Examples of B2B transactions include:

  1. A software company selling its enterprise solutions to other businesses.
  2. A wholesale distributor selling raw materials or components to manufacturers.
  3. A marketing agency providing services to other companies to help them reach their target audiences.

B2B marketing strategies often involve building long-term relationships, demonstrating expertise and value, and tailoring solutions to the specific needs of each business customer. The decision-making process in B2B sales tends to be longer and more complex than in B2C, as it often involves multiple stakeholders and requires a more substantial investment.