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Jake Casey, Dirigible

Jake Casey

Partner & Co-Lead Developer, Dirigible

What inspired you to pursue a career in development?

Honestly, it’s more that wanting to be an entrepreneur led me to development. I’ve wanted to build a business ever since I read Tim Ferriss’ “Four Hour Work Week” when I was 18.

What, exactly, I wanted to build was the holy grail of business: SaaS. When you’re 18-19, you can’t afford to hire a developer (I could barely afford rent!), so what do you do? Why you learn, of course.

Outside of work, what hobbies or activities are you passionate about?

I play entirely too much chess. As of writing I’m 1700 elo rapid on This puts me in the top 1.5% of the rapid pool of players. It’s “ok” for an ‘adult improver’, as they call us old folks who come to chess late in life. Seriously, that’s a real thing.

I also enjoy lifting weights and making craft cocktails. My favorite lift is the deadlift, and my favorite cocktail is the Boulvardier.

I do not do these two hobbies at the same time. (but I will sometimes play chess between sets.)

Where are you based, and does your location influence your work in any way?

I live in Appleton, Wisconsin. I’ve had the opportunity to live and spend extended amounts of time in many places, and I still seem to come back here!

The latest from Jake

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