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Refreshing the Inspire Spa Website

Enhancing, Polishing, and Redesigning a WordPress Website

One Page Wonder

Six years ago, the Dirigible team built a one-page website for Kenzie Munroe’s Inspire Spa in Downtown Appleton, WI. As the owner of a brand new business, Kenzie couldn’t invest a ton of money in her site at the time—so we built a site that allowed her to showcase her offerings and let people contact her on a single, elegant basis page.

Since then, Kenzie’s business has grown. She has increased her offerings, hired more staff, and moved to a larger location down College Avenue. This past year, while Kenzie was still happy with the look and feel of her website, she decided it was time to upgrade her website to reflect the changes in her business.

Our Solution: A Full-Fledged Website

So, in May 2021, we moved Kenzie from her simple, custom theme to our new Dirigible Website Builder

Inspire Spa’s mission is to provide the best service possible while recognizing the uniqueness and individuality of their staff and clients, and their site reflects this mission. Easily adaptable and individualized, Inspire Spa is a site to be seen — and used — with ease.

Bonus Benefits of Switching to Our Dirigible Platform

Intrigued by the advantages of Kenzie’s new site? Check out all of the I-need-to-upgrade-my-site-now features below!

1. Speed

The Dirigible Platform has a team of developers working year-round on increasing its speed and efficiency, so your site will load with ease. And, with upcoming changes (Core Web Vitals), speed is no longer just nice to have—it affects your page ranking in search. 

2. Continuous Upgrades By Our Team

As a hosted platform, we consistently upgrade sites as:

  • New standards are released (i.e., core web vitals, browser support, etc.)
  • WordPress is updated, and new features need to be supported
  • User-requested enhancements
  • Other new, generally better features (new/improved blocks, layout options, etc.)

3. Flexible Do-It-Yourself Enhancements

Kenzie can easily upgrade her spa website if she wants to add features like e-commerce in the future. Built-in enhancements are also available without buying or installing more plugins.

  • Directories
  • Events
  • WooCommerce
  • Mega Menus
  • Maps
  • Portfolios
  • Timelines
  • Plus Many More!

Want your own easy-to-use, customizable website today? Get Dirigible.