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March 26, 2024 Feature Roundup

Current Theme Version: 5.22.16
Current Blocks Version: 4.7.58

Author: Sam Farrell

The theme and block updates in this feature roundup and mostly quality of life updates while we focused our attention on some highly specialized plugin development.

New Block: Breadcrumbs

Welcome our latest block to the fold, breadcrumbs! When placed on a page, breadcrumbs will act like you expect them to: they will link to every parent page in order, ending with the home page of your website. They come complete with appropriate schema to make sure you are getting the most bang for your SEO-buck!

Breadcrumbs on the frontend of your site.
Schema? That all comes for free.
Editing? Easy as can be.

Theme & Block Improvements

We’ve quashed some long-standing bugs. We’ve finally managed to wrangle the lightbox in Safari, no matter how crazy it’s dimensions are.

Now our fully-native lightbox will behave no matter what browser you’re using!

Updated icon colors for all Dirigible blocks.

We’ve done some housekeeping for our blocks, and created a ‘Dirigible’ category in the backend. We’ve also given all our blocks a blue background that should make it easier to pick them out from default blocks or blocks added through other plugins.

Never choose the wrong Columns block again!

Native YARPP Support

We’ve added native templates for YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). This is a super lightweight way to display related posts, and doesn’t require loading any additional stylesheets or javascript.

Improved Counter block

Counter blocks now support prefixes and suffixes, and can be using with floating point decimal numbers!

Improved Hero block

Notice you’re getting dinged on Pagespeed Insights for your hero image being loaded lazily? We’ve added a toggle to the hero to prevent it from lazy loading.

Improved Site Preview block

Notice you’re getting dinged for not having a title on the iframe that’s part of the site preview block? Don’t worry, we’ve fixed that too.

The Nitty Gritty

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